United Arts Arena┬« is the world’s first platform for live NFT art battles.

Artists & Creative teams from around the world move into a mixed reality arena to create unique artworks in front of an online audience and jury, which will then be auctioned off as NFTs.

Our Vision

Together we want to create the strongest creative force for digital art.

UAA’s credo is #TogetherWeGrow
Every person in the UAA ecosystem can actively participate and grow by discovering new interests and talents, by building on strengths, by sharing knowledge, by being with people from all over the world.
In addition, the UAA provides appropriate earning opportunities for all participants through the sale of NFTs.

Tournaments & Battles

Creative talents from all over the world participate in tournament mode several times a year. Here, up to 16 teams compete against each other in knockout rounds.

A live battle is held between two teams in an United Arts Arena .  The artists create their artwork in 30 minutes in front of the arena host, a judge and the spectators. To pick the winner, three points are awarded after the fight: 

The first point is given by the judge.  The viewers vote for their favorite artwork and thus award the second point. Point number three is awarded to the NFT that achieves the higher price in the following auction.

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World Ranking

In a battle, 3 points are awarded to crown the winner. Every point that a team can win in the battle is automatically credited to the UAA World Ranking.

The best teams from the World Ranking will then be invited to the World Cup at the end of the season, to play for the World Championship.

UAA NFTs are climate positive

Growing together is our key driver and every partnership has a deeper meaning. The partnership with KlimaDAO is particularly close to our hearts because we get the chance to be not only climate neutral, but even climate positive.


The UAA is the platform for artists to compete in a wide variety of disciplines. 

We will start with classic painting via our partner app Magma.
Therefore no further software is needed!

At our 2 vs. 2 battles the artists are only allowed to paint with black and in the end 3 points are awarded to choose the winning team. The first point comes from a judge. The second point is voted by the audience and for the third point we auction off the digital artworks as NFTs. 
The artwork with the highest bid gets the third point.

There will be also colorful battles and new disciplines like VR Graffiti or 3D Sculping. So be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and join us on our social media channels so you don’t miss any news.

NFT Sales

Our ethos is that we grow together. That’s why we also want a straight split on NFT revenues – we’re 50/50 on everything.
We have 2 forms of NFTs you can sell as an artist through the UAA.

Live NFTs
Your unique artwork from the battle will be minted and auctioned off as an NFT during the show.

Every artist who competes at the UAA will get his own collectible, which will be designed by him. And our collectibles will play a very special role – you can be curious.

All NFTs will be minted and displayed on UAA’s own NFT marketplace page at picipo on the polygon blockchain.