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United Arts Arena (UAA) is the world's first platform for live NFT battles. Creative teams from around the world move into a mixed reality arena to create unique artworks in front of an online audience and jury, which will then be auctioned off as NFTs.
You can watch the battle on our website www.unitedartsarena.com for free. If you want to award a point for your favorite artwork as a viewer, you need a ticket, which you can get in our ticket store. If you want to be part of the auction at the end, you need a crypto wallet to participate in the auction.
A battle is fought between 2 artist teams. The artists paint from home on their tablet in the browser-based app of our partner Magma Studio. The creation process is transmitted to our Metaverse Arena, where all participants meet live.
The artists create their artwork in 30 minutes in front of the arena host, a judge and the spectators. To pick the winner, three points will be awarded after the battle: The first point is awarded by the Judge, second by the audience via poll. Point number three is awarded to the NFT that achieves the higher price in the following auction.
Our ethos is that we grow together. That's why we also want a straight split on NFT revenues - we're 50/50 on everything. 50% Artists, 50% UAA.
To join as an artist, all you need is a computer, internet and a tablet such as an iPad or Wacom. Ideally, you also have a crypto wallet so that we can transfer your proceeds here. If you don't have one yet and need help, we will be happy to set it up with you.
You can easily register via the website menu on „Artists Registration“. We will contact you as soon as possible to let you know if you can participate in the next tournament. Until then you can mobilize your community, so that they can make noise for you during the battle and fight for the crowd vote.
The UAA events will follow a classic tournament format. Each team will start in the group phase, funneling them into the KO Rounds and finally take them to the grand finals to become the first ever UAA Tournament Champion. All battles will be streamed live!